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some tall people han meet in Australia

i met some really tall people in Australia!! In fact, I am actually quite tall for them too~! Am looking for Trench coat over there and it really fits well!

I met him with his friends over at a pub in Sydney

Rick, Michael’s good friend, is 206 meters!! Scary!!

And, reminded by a friend studying in Melbourne, our imaginary friend,


Michael & Karen’s wedding preparations in Sydney

I am so, SO looking forward to Michael & Karen’s wedding which is happening this Sunday at Sydney! I have been joining their preparations gang (as a documentary photographer, DUH!!) early this week and enjoying the stay and rocking out with their family & friends~!

Heres some highlights ~

practicing their first dance, 3 am!

Aunty Camelia making breakfast for the couple who just arrived at Sydney

SO SUNNY~! Just like Sydney’s weather~!

Sydney Harbour

Michael discussing with Michael & Christine from the Vagaboon Cruise

So you see, they practice everywhere~ i look forward to their first dance~

Sam the bestman, practicing “tai ji” while David romancing Julia~!

Daniella & her brother, Jayden will be the flower girl & pageboy, SO CUTE right!?

Yes, look forward to another exciting dance by Daniella & Jayden

Jayden is going to perform with his clarinet~

aiwei’s sketchbook at Esplanade tunnel

My housemate had been night owling the past weeks for her join exhibition, “sketchbook” at Esplanade tunnel (Singapore). Do drop by to see where her inspiration came from, you might bring home something too?

“Sketchbook works metaphorically like a filter. Taking the Esplanade tunnel space as a transitory tube, Sketchbook pipes through, filtering out feelings and emotions of different channels of the mind and into the outside world. The works by these 3 young artists are fragments of thoughts recorded in the intimate spaces of their sketchbooks. Using the manner of story telling, performance based photo documentation prose, drawings on public walls, of sculptural forms, one can expect multiple readings of the works.”

16 May – 29 Jun 08 (Fri-Sun) Esplanade tunnel

Julian & Isabel’s wedding celebrations

I had a really enjoyable time documenting Julian & Isabel’s wedding, they have such wonderful brother & sisters that help them run the show smoothly and they really have great smiles! Thanks to the hot but wonderful sunny day, the photographs were great~!

ps. its my 6th visit to Grand Shanghai Restaurant for the past 1 year! My couples do love their food huh? :D


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